Spotlight on Olivia Kelley from Jasmine + Juice

November 21, 2017

Spotlight on Olivia Kelley from Jasmine + Juice

We’re always inspired by like-minded people spreading the clean beauty message and putting their passion out into the world. So, when we connected with Olivia Kelley - entrepreneur, aesthetician, and single-mom - it was the perfect fit. Olivia’s struggle with acne launched her on a clean beauty mission that eventually culminated in Jasmine + Juice, an online boutique dedicated to natural skincare. We chatted with her about her company, her inspiration and what she hopes to see for the clean beauty industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey so far.
I’m a 26-year-old single mom with a passion for beauty. I was plagued with hormonal cystic acne in my younger years and became very self-conscious. I did two rounds of Accutane and was put on tretinoin creams which only dried out and irritated my skin. But I didn't know any other approach at that time. Once out of high school, I attended three different colleges only to find myself depressed each time. I dropped out of all three. I then decided to pursue something I knew I loved and began studying to become an aesthetician. I graduated in 2013.

How did you get into clean beauty?
While pregnant with my daughter, I had to re-evaluate my skin care. I stopped using Retin A creams and products with high amounts of salicylic acid which led to the return of my cystic acne. I then tried purely organic skincare which didn’t help. I realized that I needed products that contained natural ingredients that were not potentially harmful to my baby but that were also backed by science. I found clean beauty and have not looked back.

What are your favorite natural ingredients?
Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Licorice Root, Fruit Enzymes and Plant Derived Squalane Oil.

What are your must-have products?
Cleansing Oil, Exfoliating Serum, Facial Oil and of course a few sheet masks are great to have on hand.

How do you navigate the work/life balance? What does a day in the life look like?
I navigate with a lack of sleep! I work a full-time job as a lash artist, when off work I pick up my daughter from her grandparents who care for her while I’m at work. I spend the evening with her and then once she is asleep I work on Jasmine + Juice. On the weekends I spend time with my daughter (during nap time I work with Jasmine and Juice). It’s not easy but I hope to inspire other moms that you can be a mom and also have a career and passion to pursue.

Tell us about Jasmine + Juice.
Jasmine + Juice is an online boutique dedicated to natural yet effective skin care and body products. I am in the process of redefining my shop to become a destination for affordable, yet effective skincare for busy moms. We all want to feel beautiful but sometimes with children, our budgets can get tight.

Where do you hope to see it go in the next few years?
My goal is to manufacture and produce our own unique product line and open a brick and mortar retail shop as well.

What inspires you?
My daughter. I want her to grow up knowing it's okay to chase your dreams and that I will always support her in any way I can.

What future would you like to see for the beauty industry?
I would like to see the awareness of ingredients in cosmetics to be the new "normal". I would also like to see more healthy and effective yet affordable beauty brands for women who are pursuing education or have families that can't always splurge on beauty products. 

Check out her boutique Jasmine + Juice here.

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