The Goofy Mermaids Love Radiance Boosting Serum!

The Goofy Mermaids Love Radiance Boosting Serum!

The Goofy Mermaids, Kirstie and Mari, are pioneers in the field of green beauty education. Through their platform, and related social media channels, the two Mermaids provide a platform for discovery - of natural products, brands and more, to assist people interested in making the switch to green lifestyle. We are so thrilled to that they love our Radiance Boosting Serum! To quote,

"Just couldn't wait until Monday to introduce @poethique— an innovative skincare line that's 100% plant based + sustainably sourced with ingredients from around the world. 

This is their Radiance Boosting Serum and it's powered by extracts of caviar limes + 3 varieties of wild plums. The caviar lime's AHA's gently exfoliate the skin while the wild plum extracts balance and protect the new skin. Pretty cool right? 

Been using it for a little under a week, but we can easily say it's becoming one of our top faves. Yup- that's saying something."

*photo credit: The Goofy Mermaids