Fabulous green beauty blogger Liberty Green loves Radiance Boosting Serum!

Kelsey Price, the creative force behind green beauty blog, Liberty Green, is passionate about health, wellbeing and beauty. Her mission is to demonstrate that going green does not mean sacrificing glamor, and her authentic reviews guide her readership to safe yet incredible skincare and make-up options.

poethique's radiance boosting alpha hydroxy acid serum

Kelsey's review of our Radiance Boosting Serum had us over the moon! She says:

"The Poethique Radiance Boosting Serum leaves my skin so smooth (any little dry spots or rough spots were completely gone), and evenly toned. It also helps to reduce and fade marks from blemishes, or any pigmentation. I really do feel it has added an overall radiance to the skin. I also really like using it on the neck & decolletage - my skin looks smoother, more hydrated and fresher overall."

"The serum has a thin, gel-like texture. It is silky, and smooth on the skin, and absorbs quickly. Once absorbed, I wouldn't even know I had it on - it is that light, and absorbs so fully."

"I absolutely love it (the packaging). Isn't it just so pretty? The metallic copper against the blue label looks so gorgeous sitting on the shelf."

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