Our Experts


Poéthique was founded by Gayatri Pradhan, formerly a marketer, with over a decade of experience in developing brands and products for large, global skincare brands. Gayatri has a unique background with a blend of creativity and business. She is a trained pharmaceutical chemist, an MIT graduate and constantly in a state of wanderlust.

Having studied pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry, she is keenly aware of what is required to make products that are effective, safe and incredible to use. Her passion for travel has converged with her science background, into a singular goal of bringing the best and most effective natural ingredients into products that work.

Patricia Mirabito, Poéthique’s Chief Alchemist, is a cosmetic chemist with 20+ years of formulation experience under her belt. Her formidable reputation was built through her sought-after work for Buenos Aires’ most reputable dermatologists. Through her work, Buenos Aires’ legendary beauties are able to maintain their youthful looks. 

With Poéthique, Gayatri and Patricia have brought to bear their vast experience into creating plant-based products that are are luxurious, effective and safe.