Important News from Poéthique

closing down


Hello all,

We're opening up our December with some news to share. Poéthique is closing down as of Dec 15th, 2020.

Building this brand has been an amazing journey for the past four years, and we couldn't have done it without YOUR overwhelming support. We set out to create a clean, 100% plant-based beauty brand, and to build a company whose DNA would reflect inclusivity, sustainability and a positive environmental impact from day one. We are, all of us, so very proud of what we've been able to accomplish over our journey.

Plant-based beauty is now amongst the top 5 search terms within beauty as consumers try to make sense of 'clean beauty'. Our brand story continues to inspire many others to follow - large consumer goods giants, as well as smaller entrepreneurs - in creating plant-based beauty brands.

At the level that matters most, that of our user - YOU, we know we have made a meaningful impact. So many consumers have contacted us with stories of transformed skin. My favourite remains the anecdote shared by one consumer who said she'd stopped spending hundreds of dollars on make-up to hide her red and uneven skin, because after using Poéthique for a few months, it was clear, happy and glowy.

It makes us all so very happy to have demonstrated that plant-based beauty can be effective and luxurious, while being better for us, and better for the planet.

Unfortunately, covid-19 negatively impacted so many of our retail collaborators and partners, some of whom have closed for good. Without their support, it would be incredibly hard for our company to survive. We all live in an ecosystem and sadly for us, ours has been hit very hard.

For those placing orders, all orders till Dec 15th, midnight will be processed - rest assured we hand-pack them with care as we alway have, and will make sure they get to you on time. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at 

As we close the book on this story, we end with our deepest gratitude for all our supporters - customers, friends and family.

Thank you always ❤

- All the Poéthique team