We’re inspired by the knowledge of local, natural ingredients and beauty rituals that women across diverse cultures, have collected, refined and passed down over the ages. We call this accumulated knowledge, beauty wisdom. Through our travels, we have learned that while the ingredients and rituals might differ by culture and country, the end result is always radiant and balanced skin. We look to this global beauty wisdom as a means of unlocking the finest skin care possible.


We are continually in awe of Mother Nature, and through our products, we celebrate all that she offers us. It is our firm belief that the finest floral, herb, plant, root or spice extracts can meet all our skin care needs.

Nature did not mean for our skin to be slathered with chemicals and toxins. Global beauty wisdom reflects this understanding because not one cultural beauty ritual calls for sulfates or parabens or silicones.

We combine our knowledge of beauty rituals and secrets from all over the world with sustainably sourced natural ingredients and then blend them in unique ways to create our products. Every single ingredient has a skin-centric purpose and actively works to make your skin balanced, radiant and healthy.

With our products, it is our aim to honor the cumulative beauty wisdom of all women and the gift of Nature, so that we can all honor our skin. 


The essence of Poéthique lies in harnessing the power of nature, as countless generations of women across diverse cultures, have done before us. In working so closely with nature, we have been filled with awe at what the Earth has to offer us.

To honor and protect our extraordinary planet, we have made it a key guiding principle to drive positive environmental change through every aspect of our products. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced, our packaging is fully recyclable and for every unit of our inaugural line of products that we sell, we donate 1% of sales to 1% for the Planet.

Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we support organizations dedicated to saving our forests, rivers and oceans and to getting toxins out of the environment.