Through our travels, we found that cultures around the world tend to have beauty rituals that use local ingredients while taking into account their environments (hot tropical climates vs. colder temperate zones). For millennia, women have used natural ingredients like fruit extracts to brighten their skin, plants like aloe to cool and soothe, grains like oat and barley to combat dry skin and natural pigments like henna to enhance color. Recipes and rituals for use have been passed down from mother to daughter, refined into what has now become collective beauty wisdom.  

The power of these rituals comes from using almost exclusively natural ingredients and from being distilled into a powerful wisdom over generations. And while the beauty ingredients and rituals might differ by culture and country, the end result is radiant and balanced skin. 


With Poéthique products, we look to these time-tested secrets as a means of unlocking the finest skin care possible.